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Storage rates are usually based per unit or per pallet. The storage rates are billed in advance for one month. Merchandise received after the 15th day of the month bills at half the rate listed through the end of the month.
Handling rates are usually based per unit or per pallet and are also billed in advance. The basic handling charge includes the following:
Unloading and storing your palletized merchandise
Retrieving and loading out your palletized merchandise
Order processing, truck routing, inventory reports
Accessorial Charges
Accessorial charges accrue for shipping documentation, data entry, will-call and minimum charges.
Additional Labor
Additional labor charges accrue only for labor not included in our basic handling charge. Examples of this are:
Palletizing and/or hand unloading trucks and containers
Labeling and assembly
Data entry on customer computer systems
Sorting & Segregating
Warehouseman’s Standard Terms and Conditions
Company Information  
For a rate quotation please contact us at sales@anchordistributinginc.com or fill out the following questionnaire.
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Services Required
Warehousing and Distribution
Warehousing Short Term: 
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Container Devanning
Cross Dock Services: 
Will Calls
Truck Load
USDA Services
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Percentage of customer will calls versus deliveries
Small Package Shipments
Special Handling requirements?
Value Added Services:
Items to be Inventoried
Product description and pack size:
Product weight and pallet configuration:
How many SKU’s to be inventoried?
Standard first in first out inventory control or special lot rotation:
Inbound Shipments Palletized or Floor Loaded
Average SKU’s per order:
Average cases per order:
Average orders per week:
Orders will be sent via Fax or email:
Freight Classification:  
Any additional information necessary that may help us understand your distribution or warehousing requirements
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